50 Cent Agrees With Eminem, Gives Diddy Advice Over Tupac Rumors

50 Cent agrees with Eminem as he responds to the rumors that have Diddy putting out the hit on Tupac that led to Shakur’s demise.

There is no love lost between two of New York’s most successful hip hop artists and business men. 50 Cent continues to publicly take shots at Diddy, and when it comes to Tupac’s murder, Fif has no filter.

With new life in the Tupac murder case thanks to Keefe D‘s continuous confession of his involvement in the shooting, Diddy has become a hot topic. Once again thanks to Keefe D, who for years has linked Diddy to the death of Tupac. According to the former gang leader, Diddy ordered a $1 million dollar hit on Tupac and allegedly called Keefe D after Shakur’s death saying, “Was that us?”

Taking it to Twitter, was 50 Cent, who decided to chime in and give Diddy aka Brother Love some advice. Sharing Tupac’s last photo as he sat in the black BMW with Suge Knight, 50 Cent wrote in the caption, “Damn so pac got lined by brother love. LOL Time to Lawyer up, shit might get sticky.”

50 Cent isn’t the only one who decided to voice their opinion on the sensitive matter publicly. Fif’s “favorite white boy,” Eminem, also stirred the pot back in 2018. Eminem would shock the world with one clever lyrical bar. “But Kells, the day you put out a hit’s the day Diddy admits That he put the hit out that got Pac killed,” rapped Eminem on the 2018 diss record “Killshot” aimed at Machine Gun Kelly.

Diddy has not commented on the recent rumors, and doesn’t appear he will any time soon. Back in 2016, Diddy appeared on The Breakfast Club where he was asked about being accused of having Tupac killed. When asked by co-host Charlamagne, Diddy simply denounced the rumors by saying “it’s nonsense.”

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