50 Cent Praises Tupac And Eminem While Diving Into Their Lyrics

50 Cent was recently interviewed by Brian J. Roberts, where the hip hop artist turned tv exec praised Tupac and Eminem for their impact on the culture.

When it comes to touching listeners with lyrics, no one has done better than Tupac Shakur. Always willing to pour out his emotions, while showing every aspect of his life for all to see, the good and the bad. In 1995, Tupac released “Dear Mama,” the song dedicated to his mother Afeni Shakur. Rap had never heard such a song before, and the support was clearly on Tupac’s side, as “Me Against The World” made him the #1 selling artist, even behind bars.

Eminem, a fan of Tupac’s music, was also transparent. Unlike Tupac’s “Dear Mama,” Em’s approach towards the rocky relationship with his mother was the complete opposite. Regardless of which medium you prefer, 50 Cent praised both artists.

50 Cent Praises Tupac And Eminem While Diving Into Their Lyrics
50 Cent (YouTube)

“I’ll put two hip hop artists right there, really profound and really prolific artists within our culture. They have very similar things happened with different responses. Eminem’s mom — the drug usage was part of it and he would do: “Sorry, mama! I never meant to hurt you! I never meant to make you cry but tonight I’m cleaning out my closet”. And then Tupac’s mom — also has some drug usage involved in her experience. And he said: “You was a crack fiend, mama, you always was a black queen, mama”. I think the tones of anger are different in the two of them as artists,” said Fif during the 1 hour plus interview.

“Em’s anger is coming from “things were supposed to be right”. And Tupac’s statement is almost like in terms of endearment in it. Because it’s like we always was still all ahead,” added 50 Cent. “The expectations of things going right from the white American perspective versus accepting the idea of things not going right for the African-American perspective are what makes difference in the tones in those records. It’s both the same scenario but different ways of expressing experience because of the difference between the two artists.”

50 Cent has always been appreciative to his friendship with Eminem. Till this day the bond is stronger than ever. “And me personally, my career is a reflection of it, my association to Em. Prior to my record coming out, the most I’ve seen from a black male hip hop artist was five million copies of Tupac’s “All Eyez on Me”. This double CD was the first time I’ve seen something go diamond. And to have my first album sell 12 million records… If you don’t credit or you dissociate it from the fact that I’m in the association to Em who’s selling 23 million records of “The Marshall Mathers LP” then you’re just a fucking idiot. It is also that connection,” said Fif.


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