A Different World Actor Says Tupac’s Acting Was Scary

Actor Kadeem Hardison, who worked with Tupac Shakur on “A Different World,” talked about Tupac’s potential as an actor, calling his skills scary.

Back in 1993, Tupac Shakur was coming off his performance in the movie “Juice” and co-starring with Janet Jackson in the John Singleton movie “Poetic Justice.” Prior to the premiere of “Poetic Justice,” Tupac made an appearance on “A Different World.”

Directed by Kadeem Hardison, the June 24th episode “Home, Don’t Ya Know Me?” had Tupac as Piccolo, who came to pay a visit to Lena James, played by Shakur’s real life good friend, Jada Pinkett. Hardison, who appeared on The Breakfast Club, spoke about directing the episode and working with Tupac.

A Different World Actor Says Tupac's Acting Was Scary

“I always thought he was gonna be a better actor than rapper,” Hardison said on the morning show. “He scared me as an actor. I’m like this dude can reach places that I can’t even imagine.”

Jasmine Guy who also was on The Breakfast Club accompanying her former co-star, also shared a bond with Tupac and his mother Afeni Shakur. Ever since meeting Tupac in 2993, Guy formed a close relationship with Tupac and his family. (View: Jasmine Guy Hid Tupac Shakur In Her House After Being Shot!)

Tupac (A Different World, 1993)

Years later, Jasmine Guy would help write a book highlighting the life of Afeni Shakur with the 2005 release ‘Evolution of a Revolutionary.’ “When I met Tupac, I didn’t want to say, ‘I can’t wait to meet your mamma,'” Jasmine Guy said on The Breakfast Club. “I didn’t realize her story because it was all in the newspapers. There really wasn’t any linear story about her. I started talking to her about telling her story and doing speaking engagements on her own. She’s highly intelligent. That’s how it started.’

Jasmine Guy is also featured in the upcoming ‘Dear Mama’ documentary. Directed by Allen Hughes, the five-part docuseries airing on FX this fall will focus on the relationship of Tupac and his mother Afeni. (View: Tupac, Afeni Docuseries’ “Dear Mama” Teaser Premieres On Mother’s Day)


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