Actor Leon Robinson Recalls Tupac Shooting Two Off Duty Cops

Back in 1994, actor Leon Robinson worked with Tupac Shakur on the movie ‘Above The Rim’. Recently speaking to VLAD TV, Leon recalls Tupac’s offset distraction including the time he shot two off duty cops.

“Offset we shut down productions a couple of times because he got into incidents, whether with the police of whatever. Or wanting to get involved with someone who maybe selling t-shirts of his. There was always things going on unfortunately.”

Actor Leon Robinson Recalls Tupac Shooting Two Off Duty Cops
Leon Robinson (@wwwjustleon)

One of those unfortunate incidents occurred on October 31st 1993, after performing at the Clark Atlanta University, Shakur found himself coming to the aide of a Black male who was being harassed by two off duty officers. The incident escalated when Tupac intervened and as a result Shakur shot at the two cops.

“I just looked at the morning paper,” Leon said. “Oh, I guess we are not doing that scene today.”

The next day, Tupac was arrested as he would then find out that the two white individuals he shot at, were off duty police officers. Tupac was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and released Tuesday morning November 2nd on $55,059 bond.

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The case was dismissed. “I mean it was proven that they was drinking, and that the gun that they had pulled out was from another case they had gotten out of evidence locker,” E.D.I Mean explained during an interview with VLAD TV.


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