Actress Tyra Ferrell Reveals The One Thing Tupac Refused To Do

Actress Tyra Ferrell who worked in the movie Poetic Justice, appeared on Hip Hop Uncensored where she revealed the one thing Tupac refused to do on the movie set.

During her interview with Hip Hop Uncensored, Ferrell made it very clear that she despises the “N” word. A word she heard too often as an actress on various movie sets. She appeared on Boyz n the Hood, White Men Can’t Jump, and Poetic Justice. “I think you should be fined for using it in workplaces,” Ferrell said.

Ferrell often found herself getting into arguments about the “N” word, but still stood her ground on what she believed. This was no different when it came to working on the set of Poetic Justice with Tupac Shakur. Although no argument occurred, Ferrell approached Shakur about using the “N” word. “I tried it with Tupac in Poetic Justice and he turned to me and said, “No, that’s what we do.”

Tyra Ferrell (Poetic Justice/YouTube)

Regardless of the failed attempt, the actress was able to get to know Tupac during the movie. “I didn’t know so much about him because it was Hip Hop,” Ferrell explained. “But, I learned about him once I did the movie. He was political. When he went to jail, we reached out to him when he was there.”

Ferrell also said Shakur didn’t think he would live long. “I knew he was changing politically. He didn’t have a chance to grow up and you have to be careful what you put out there. He use to always say, ‘Ima die by the time I was 24, 25.’ He said that. You have to be careful of your words, they create your reality.”


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