Anuel AA On Tupac: There’s Never Going To Be A Better Story

Latin superstar artist, Anuel AA appears on Big Boy TV where he credited Tupac for paving the way stating, “His story made my story.

30-year-old, Latin rapper/singer, has not had it easy despite his father’s impact in the music industry. Although one would think, Anuel’s path to superstardom was handed to him, that was not the case.

Back in 2016, Anuel was arrested on gun possession charges and denied bail, despite having a clean record. He was sentenced to 30 months, which he served in full, spending time in four different prisons in Puerto Rico, Atlanta, and Miami, with a brief stint at a halfway house. On July 17, 2018, he finally walked out a free man, just hours after releasing his debut album, Real Hasta La Muerte.

Since then he has been one of the top Latin artists in the world, winning 5 Latina American Music Awards. During the early parts of his career, Anuel was inspired by hip hop and one particular artist who he ended up studying.

Anuel AA On Tupac: There's Never Going To Be A Better Story
Anuel AA (Big Boy TV)

“I started studying the game and I ended up studying ‘Pac and that’s how I made it,” explained Anuel AA during his Big Boy TV interview. “He was so young too. If you don’t know his age you think he is at least 30, cause the knowledge he use to have was on another level. But that was a kid. That’s the crazy thing about it, he was a kid. He didn’t make it to 30. Just imagine if ‘Pac wouldn’t have gotten killed.”

Big Boy, who had the opportunity to interact with Tupac, agreed with Anuel and shared his own experiences with the rap icon.

“I had some of the most beautiful memories with ‘Pac. Not ‘Pac in the studio, but just chilling and great conversations,” recalled Big Boy. “When ‘Pac passed everybody is like Pac Pac, but you knew ‘Pac was special when ‘Pac was here, from his conversations. Then when it started to get a little like going off a little bit, if ‘Pac would have made it through that, oh man the world would have seen something revolutionary.”

Earlier this year, Anuel appeared on Drink Champs where he also spoke about Tupac’s influence. According to the Latin megastar, Tupac’s “movement” and what he represented grabbed his attention. “Like what we see over there, Pac was living like that. What we see over there in the Spanish community. We don’t know. So, If I tell you the way we see it Pac was living like that,” Anuel AA explained on Drink Champs. “The way we see it over there, we live far. I look at myself like Pac. That’s the way we see it over there.” (View: Tupac Was Like A God To Me)


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