ASAP Rocky Shares 4 Fun Facts He Has In Common With Tupac

ASAP Rocky appeared on Big Boy TV where he discussed four fun facts he has in common with Tupac Shakur.

New York artist, ASAP Rocky stopped by the “neighborhood” where he spoke about touring with Rihanna and growing up in Harlem. This was the perfect segue for co-host Letty to ask about her favorite artist, Tupac.

When asked if Tupac inspired the Harlem rapper, ASAP Rocky said yes and gave the listeners four things he has in common with the hip hop icon. “Believe it or not, he was born in the same hospital,” ASAP Rocky explains. “If I’m not mistaken, he was born in St. Luke’s. I was born in St. Luke’s. He lived in 116 street in Morningside. I was born in 116 in Morningside. My brother died in 116 street on Morningside.”

“He lived on 182nd and Bathgate avenue. That’s where I moved when I moved to the Bronx,” ASAP Rocky said on Big Boy TV. “After he moved from Harlem, he moved to the Bronx. I believed he went to Baltimore, like D.C. and that’s where he went to school with Jada Pinkett.”

ASAP Rocky Shares 4 Fun Facts He Has In Common With Tupac
ASAP Rocky

Big Boy responded back by stating ASAP Rocky is a big stalker and is ready to sign with Death Row records. ASAP Rocky loved every minute of it and stated he loved the Death Row era in the 90s. “I ain’t gon’ lie, I love Snoop and Pac,” Rocky said. “And Dre. Death Row was dope. I’m a fan you know and I’m not too cool to say it. I’m still a fan.”

ASAP Rocky also went on to give up to other hip hop legends such as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. “I can’t watch my peers, because they don’t influence me, they don’t move me, no disrespect. It’s the people before me. So, when I’m looking at Bone Thugs, Eazy, ‘Pac and all these cats from the West Coast. I have love for the South too. I have love for everybody, I just watch the dudes before who did it. Who had their time when the music was different and I just appreciate it.”

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