Benzino Recalls Tupac Snatching Q-Tip’s Mic At 1994 Source Awards

Speaking with B High TV, Benzino detailed how Tupac grabbed the mic from Q-Tip live on stage at the 1994 Source Awards.

Benzino a big Tupac fan himself “I didn’t know that he ran out there, at that time, because I’m backstage. I didn’t see it physically happen. I only saw it physically happen when I saw it back on the tape. I didn’t know that he just snatched the mic from Q-Tip.”

According to Benzino, Q-Tip, music executive Chris Lighty and others from his crew came backstage furious. “Later I found out that when Q-Tip was accepting his award, ‘Pac just grabbed the mic from him,” Benzino recalls.” He brought in his own sound guy and brought the Outlawz up there and did Out on Bail. Then he was backstage doing interviews like it was nothing,” Benzino said.

Back in 2020, Busta Rhymes further explained what really went down at 1994 The Source Awards. According to Busta rhymes as he told Angie Martinez for ‘Untold Stories of Hip Hop‘, Tupac reached out to Busta to explain his actions.

Benzino Recalls Tupac Snatching Q-Tip's Mic At 1994 Source Awards
Tupac, 1994 Source Awards

Busta Rhymes, Tupac and Omar Epps were staying at a fully furnished apartment complex in New York, the night of The Source awards. Tupac was known for having a reputation of being wild, most in attendance thought it was intentional, including Q-Tip. Although no physical altercation happened, Tupac and Q-Tip went their separate ways and never squashed the beef.

That was until Tupac reached out to Busta Rhymes who he knew was good friends with Q-Tip. “Pac called me immediately,” Busta Rhymes said. “He called me because he wanted to get in touch with Q-Tip and he knew I was the link. So, he explained to me what happened and he needed Q-Tip to know, that he had nothing to do with the timing of when he was being forced to perform.”


Tupac urged Busta to reach out to Q-Tip. Luckily this is exactly what happened and thanks to Busta the beef was squashed. Pac and Q-Tip were able to make peace over a phone conversation. “He wanted to personally tell Q-Tip that he was apologetic. They super squashed it. Everything was super good.”


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