Big Gipp Explains Why He Said Beyoncé Would’ve Picked Tupac

After turning heads over his comments about Jay-Z, Big Gipp explains why he thinks Beyoncé would have ended up with Tupac.

Big Gipp of the legendary hip hop group, Goodie Mob, has seen plenty during his incredible run and longevity in the game. One of those includes memories of Tupac Shakur, when the rap icon was dominating the genre.

Appearing on BHighTV, Gipp touched on Tupac’s impact on hip hop that still lives till this day and has been unmatched by any artist. The outspoken Atlanta artist also explained why he said Beyoncé would have ended up with Tupac instead of Jay-Z.

Big Gipp Explains Why He Said Beyoncé Would've Picked Tupac over Jay-Z
Big Gipp (BHIGHTV)

“No disrespect to that man Jay-Z. No disrespect to Beyoncé,” said Big Gipp. “I wanna explain to everyone looking at this podcast right now. Gipp knew what type of cat ‘Pac was. Let’s talk about it. At the time when ‘Pac walked the earth, ‘Pac went after every girl that was somebody’s girl. Jada Pinkett, Biggie girl Faith, Aaliyah, Kada, Lisa Left Eye.”

“And all about just saying to you is just like you went after the number one girl in the game, he would have went after her too. That’s all I was saying. And all I’m saying is he was a phenomenon before the industry understood what he was. He was a rapper that was trained in acting. So personally he came with a skill that we didn’t even have in the game at the time,” Gipp further explained. “He never talked about buying a girl nothing, but he had them all.”

Big Gipp’s explanation comes after a recent interview where he said Beyoncé would have been with Tupac instead of Jay-Z if Shakur had still been alive. Asked to choose over Tupac and Jay-Z as Billboard and Vibe‘s recent top 50 Greatest rapper of all time list was up for discussion, which had Hov at number one and Tupac at number four.

“The only reason why you inching Jay past 2Pac is because he got God damn Beyoncé,” Gipp reasoned. “You take Beyoncé away then sh*t, bar for bar, yeah, he might rap better than ‘Pac. But ‘Pac came with the heart. That’s different, that’s just different. You can never beat the heart, bro. Some people can be technical, just like the difference between Jordan and LeBron.”

“If ‘Pac was here, who you think the girl would have been with? Hold up … you still can’t act. You can’t do no movies, you can’t do what ‘Pac was doing” he said. “C’mon, how can you be better than ‘Pac? … that boy was a triple threat. He did groups that was successful, solo albums that was successful and movies that was successful, hands down partner. If he had lived he would have smoked everything walking.”

Adding to his explanation as to why Tupac is the greatest of all time, it all comes down to Tupac doing music from his heart and crossing over on his own. “Tupac was the first rapper to crossover without the industry doing it. He crossed over just because he was Tupac. Biggest difference. Everything now is controlled. Everything now is about who you with, what you did, how much money you got. It ain’t really gotta do nothing with the music no more,” he added.


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