Big Gipp Recalls Tupac Confronting Biggie, Puffy At Awards Show

Big Gipp of the legendary hip hop group, Goodie Mob, recently spoke about being present when Tupac confronted Biggie Smalls and Puff Daddy.

Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California was home to the 1996 Soul Train Music Awards. An awards show that had Brooklyn rapper the Notorious B.I.G. kicked off the show as he performed “One More Chance” and “Get Money.”

The awards given out that night on March 29th 1995, were based on the previous year releases. In 1995, Tupac had released his number one album, ‘Me Against The World,’ and would take home best rap album of the year at the 1996 Soul Train Music awards.

Big Gipp Recalls Tupac Confronting Biggie, Puffy At Awards Show
Big Gipp (Bad Speakers podcast)

Although Tupac and Suge Knight was set to appear at the 1996 Soul Train Music awards, that would never happen. It appears Shakur and Knight had other plans to make the awards show memorable.

Biggie Smalls went on to take home best R&B/Soul or Rap Song of the Year for “One More Chance.” Immediately after performing and winning his award, Biggie Smalls and the Bad Boy camp had plans of leaving the awards show.

Before Biggie’s night could end on a high note, Tupac and Death Row records had other plans.

“We got out to the Soul Train awards and we given out an award. When we give out the award it goes to commercial break. When it goes to commercial break, the doors of the auditorium kick open, boom! And it’s Tupac,” recalled Big Gipp on Bad Speakers podcast. “He come down the middle of the road like yeah, ‘What’s up shortie.’ He got all that camouflage, big Suge with him and ran right after Biggie and them.”

Tupac and Suge Knight would come out their Hummer and approach Biggie. The heated moment eventually deescalated after C-Gutta who was with Biggie, “slid the burner out.” “It was me, Big, Un and Cease and some security dude,” recalled C-Gutta on VLAD TV. “Then we slid off.”

The epic moment was played out in the 2009 movie, Notorious. Although many details were left out according to those who were there and years later interviewed about the infamous night, the scene depicted in Notorious appears to be better then average when it comes to accuracy.

“So when they show in the movie when ‘Pac come backstage and going off on Biggie and them, Goodie Mob standing in the middle of them,” said Big Gipp.


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