Boosie Badazz On Location Where Tupac Was Shot In Vegas

Boosie Badazz takes a trip to Las Vegas where he pays tribute to Tupac on the popular and infamous intersection.

Known for repping Tupac over the years. Whether on his 2015 song “Letter 2 Pac” or standing up for Shakur just as he did when T-Pain said Tupac would have gotten “ate the f up lyrically” in today’s rap. One thing is for certain, Boosie has that Thug Life running through his veins.

And as a die hard fan, no one can compare to Tupac Shakur. “All of them might have a quality of Tupac, but I don’t like comparing people to Tupac as a Tupac fan,” Boosie said on a recent interview on VLADTV in regards to people comparing new artists with Tupac. “Cause I don’t want to come back on my future interviews and they be like I said DaBaby was better than Tupac. Or Young Boy was better than Tupac or 50 Cent was better than Tupac. I put Tupac on a certain level. All them is greatness, but I ain’t comparing no one to Pac.”

Taking it to Instagram during the NBA All-Star weekend was Boosie who paid a visit to Las Vegas. After hitting the malls, Boosie decided to hit the infamous intersection of Koval and Flamingo. The strip is forever linked to the night Tupac was shot in Vegas back in 1996. Shakur would unfortunately lose his life 6 days later, forever leaving his impact on hip hop and the world.

“On the scene where ‘Pac got shot. Tupac got shot right here,” said Boosie in the viral video. “Where Tupac got hit right here. The car pulled over right there.” After showing viewers on social media where Tupac’s BMW was shot up, the rapper walked over to Tupac’s “Vegas Tribute” area.

“Boosie Love U N****” wrote Boosie adding his words onto two different locations on the infamous street pole along with hundreds of other signatures showing their dedication to Tupac. The outspoken rapper also inked another part of the intersection this time writing “Boosie Badaaz Love U Pac!! 2/19/23.”


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