Buckshot Reminds Fans Of Tupac’s Favorite: Sunkist Orange Soda

Buckshot reflects on the holiday weekend with Tupac Shakur’s favorite soda, Sunkist Orange Soda.

Known for his contributions to hip hop groups Black Moon and Boot Camp Clik, Buckshot was also the founder of Duck Down music. The rapper would also go to record music with Tupac Shakur. Along with other members of the Boot Camp Clik, Tupac was ready to feature the New York artists on his upcoming “One Nation” project. An album that was intended to unit the east and west coasts.

Aside from recording music with Tupac, Smif-N-Wessun and Buckshot was personally flown into L.A. and stayed at Tupac’s home. During their visit which consisted of playing with water guns, having deep conversations and cracking jokes on each other, Tupac indeed opened up his home to the Brooklyn rappers. But there was one thing in particular that was off limits, Tupac’s favorite Sunkist Orange soda.

Buckshot Reminds Fans Of Tupac's Favorite: Sunkist Orange Soda
Buckshot (YouTube)

Labeled with Tupac’s name in the fridge, Shakur made sure that no one would touch his favorite soda. Reflecting on Tupac’s favorite drink, Buckshot took to Twitter. “Pac fav soda was orange Sunkist,” Buckshot tweeted two days after Thanksgiving.

Previously Outlawz member had revealed another favorite of Tupac Shakur. Days before his tragic passing, Tupac was constantly listening to “Blackberry Molasses” by R&B group Mista. “This song came out in mid 96 this was Pac’s favorite song before he passed away. The last few months of his life he played this song non stop every damn day!! Me & the rest of the Outlawz used to get tired of hearing it but listening to the lyrics now I understand why he loved it so much!,” said Noble on IG. (View: Tupac’s Favorite Song Revealed By Outlawz Member)

Tupac’s favorite soda was also highlighted this past summer, when the Tupac Estate teamed up with Fixins Soul Kitchen to bring Tupac’s original idea to life, Powamekka Café. (View: Tupac’s 51st Birthday Celebrated With “Powamekka Café” In L.A.)

Fun Fact: Buckshot was seen in the background playing pool as Tupac was interviewed by Simon Rex for MTV. Watch below!


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