Chingy Slams Walk Of Fame, Questions Ludacris Over Tupac

Chingy questions Ludacris receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame before Tupac Shakur and suggests a better way to honor the greats.

As a successful artist in the early 2000s with his hit single Right Thurr, Chingy signed to Ludacris’ DTP Record Label appeared to be on the rise. Unfortunately for the rapper he was unable to sustain success in the music industry. The rapper also appeared on various movies and Television shows. Perhaps Chingy’s biggest accomplishment came when he received the Keys to the City from St. Louis mayor Tishaura Jones for his positive contributions to the communities.

Speaking of achievements, Chingy found it odd that his former labelmate Ludacris received a Hollywood Star before the late rap icon Tupac Shakur.

Chingy on VLAD TV

“I thought it was strange that he got one before Tupac. I’m not trying to bring no imbalance energy. I just thought it was strange. Damn Chris got one before Tupac. And then after Chris, Tupac got his. I just found it interesting,” said Chingy on VLAD TV.

In fairness, Tupac was considered for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in 2013, but was put off by his estate.

Instead, Tupac was honored this year on June 7th and received the 2,758th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Friends and family, including the Outlawz and Mopreme Shakur were all on hand for the incredible occasion. His sister, Sekyiwa Shakur, accepted the star on behalf of her brother under the category of Recording.

Set Shakur shows Tupac Hollywood Star plaque

“I guess it means a lot to Hollywood the Walk of Fame, but it’s a bunch of people walking over your name. That’s stepping on your name,” explained Chingy to Shawn Prez. “I get the concept that it means a lot, but people are walking over your name.”

Established 63 years ago, the Walk of Fame which runs 1.3 miles east to west on Hollywood Boulevard, has honored many greats in the entertainment industry. From actors to recording artists, many have their name forever immortalized with the infamous star.

Despite many clearly thrilled to receive a star, Chingy feels there is a better way to honor those who have contributed not just in the music industry, but to the world in general.

“Let’s give Ludacris a name of a street. Let’s give Tupac a name of a street instead of putting it in the ground where people can walk over it. Let’s name a street after Ludacris. Let’s name a street after Tupac,” suggested Chingy.


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