Comedian: Tupac Was Slated For Co-Star Role In Malcom & Eddie

A clip from comedian Eddie Griffin’s interview on Kevin Harts’ ‘Comedy Gold Minds‘ podcast has resurfaced, as Eddie reveals Tupac was an option for Malcom & Eddie sitcom.

This past March, Kevin Hart welcomed Eddie Griffin to his podcast. Griffin, who transition from being a comic star to the world of Hollywood, explained the road that led him to star in his own sitcom. Initially, Griffin was not a fan of starring in a sitcom, as he did not want to feel restricted.

Despite his initial hesitation, Griffin would end up taking the opportunity and was ultimately paired with Malcom-Jamal Warner for ‘Malcom & Eddie.’ The sitcom would last for only 4 seasons. Premiering in late August of 1996, there was another talented actor who was apparently an option for the co-starring role.

Malcom Jamar-Warner and Eddie Griffin

As explained by Griffin, Tupac Shakur was the first option before Warner landed the spot. During a meeting with the top execs, Griffin was told he needed to align himself with an actor that had star power. “I was at Williams Moore Agency. So, they was like, me and Tupac,” recalled Griffin. “I’m like n**** that would be cancelled after two episodes. You can’t have two volatile midgets on the show.”

One has to wonder if Tupac would have even accepted the role. In 1996, Tupac had filmed two movies, ‘Gang Related‘ and ‘Gridlock’d,’ while shooting a commercial and an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Let us know in the comments below, what you would have called the show if it was starring Tupac and Eddie Griffin.


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