Deion Sanders Enters Colorado Football Meeting With Tupac’s “All Eyez On Me”

Deion Sanders is ready for his new journey with Colorado University’s Football, as he “walks-in” with Tupac Shakur’s “All Eyez On Me.”

Recently, Deion Sanders was named 28th full-time head football coach at the University of Colorado. The announcement came on Saturday (December 3), with Sanders meeting his team players a day after. Dubbed as “Coach Prime,” stemming from his days as an active player where he was known as “Prime Time,” the 55-year-old ensured his first impression was a memorable one.

“After we get finished with this work. Not to compete, but to win. Not to show up, but to show out. Not to be among the rest, but to be the best,” said a highly motivated Deion Sanders during his introductory press conference.

Deion Sanders Enters Colorado Football Meeting With Tupac's "All Eyez On Me"
Deion Sanders (Well Off Media/YouTube)

Providing everyone in attendance with his inspirational words, up next for Sanders was meeting his football players for the very first time. As he geared up to make his way into the auditorium, with players awaiting his arrival, Sanders had his own inspirational “walk-in” music playing in the background.

As seen in the video below, Sanders walked down the hall and into the auditorium to Tupac’s track number ten off disc 2 of Shakur’s “All Eyez On Me.” “You hear that song? That’s what we call a “walk-in,” said Sanders.

“I bet you got it twisted, you don’t know who to trust / So many player-hatin’ n***** tryna sound like us, Say they ready for the funk / but I don’t think they knowin’, Straight to the depths of Hell is where them cowards goin,'” Tupac is heard rapping as Sanders prepares to meet Colorado Universities football players.

The hall of famer isn’t the only athlete to use Tupac’s music as his themed entrance. During his prime, Mike Tyson had the luxury of Tupac’s creating personalized entrance music for his biggest boxing matches. (View: Why Tupac Was Pressured By Mike Tyson To Make Vegas Trip) Others such as LeBron James listened to Tupac’s music during his pre game workouts. (Watch: LeBron James Rapping Tupac ‘Tradin War Stories’ In The Gym)


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