Did Bishop Change Tupac? Money B Explains

Money B was interviewed on Drink Champs were he spoke about Tupac whether or not the Bishop character changed Shakur after the movie Juice.

After getting his first breakout movie role with Juice, some had suggested Tupac became the Bishop character who he portrayed. For those close to Tupac have a different take on the Bishop character. Money B who helped Tupac get the role as Bishop, also knew Tupac personally as the two were part of Shock G’s Digital Underground.

“So, I got the script to audition. But, I knew I couldn’t act and I knew ‘Pac had went to school for it, so first I was asking him to help prepare for it. I’m reading the script and Ima like this n—a remind me of you,” Money said referring to the Bishop character and Tupac. “But, I also knew he could pull it off. We get to talking and see if we can get Pac to audition for it. Atron, our manager pulled some strings and hooked it up.”

Tupac as Bishop (Juice)

Back in 2021, Money B appeared on Heart of an Outlaw show, where he again killed any speculation of Tupac becoming Bishop after the Juice movie. “When I first read the script I kind of thought the Bishop character reminded me of ‘PAC. A lot of people believe that ‘Pac got the role and he started acting like Bishop. But in reality he had a lot of those qualities. So it was Tupac a great actor, but it was probably easy for him to draw emotions for that character because he could probably relate to it in such a way that it just brought it to life,” Money B said.



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