DJ Quik Talks Not Charging Tupac For Sampling On Classic Record

DJ Quik reveals he did not charge Tupac and Easy Mo Bee for sampling his record on Shakur’s classic song off Me Against The World.

Known for working with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Tupac and even Shaquille O’Neal, the Compton native producer is without a doubt a legend in the game. Appearing on No Jumper, the west coast G-Funk producer revealed how he was involved on Tupac’s third studio album and why he chose not to charge for his music being sampled.

“I didn’t charge artists. I didn’t charge money because I don’t believe you should charge an artist to sample your s***. Like I let a lot of s*** slide, cause that’s the game. Cause I robbed people’s sampling and it didn’t clear and then ultimately had to pay for it,” said DJ Quik. “I let the young n***** slide. I don’t go hard on them.”

DJ Quik (No Jumper)
DJ Quik (No Jumper)

Quik is referring to song number two off Tupac’s number one album Me Against The World. Produced by Easy Mo Bee, If I Die 2Nite, samples DJ Quik’s 1991 sample Tonight. A young 24-year-old DJ Quik had no issues in giving the clearance. Admittedly, Quik’s generosity and love for hip hop doesn’t sit well with his lawyers who at times ensure Quik gets paid for his work and of course the lawyers get their cut as well.

A year later, Tupac and DJ Quik would get a chance to work together. Gearing up for his comeback and debut on Death Row records, DJ Quik drove a couple blocks from where he lived to the studio where he said for two days.

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“We did a song called Late Night that didn’t get cleared from Donald Byrd. I sampled Wind Parade from him which is one of the dopest records ever. One of the most respectable Jazz examples of music,” said DJ Quik on No Jumper. “We did message to my unborn. It just became the session that did not end.”


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