DJ Vlad Talks Tupac Alive Rumors, Diddy’s Alleged $1 Million Dollar Hit

DJ Vlad of VLAD TV, the man who has been credited as a big piece which played into Keefe D’s recent arrest talks Tupac alive rumors and Diddy’s alleged $1 million dollar hit.

Vlad, a huge fan of Tupac Shakur, has been credited in helping to reopen the Tupac murder case by interviewing Keefe D, who had no problem “snitching” on himself for his involvement in the 1996 shooting.

For Vlad it was all about dispelling any rumors and eliminating any confusion on what occurred on September 7, 1996. “All Eyez On Me is one of my favorite all time albums. It would be hard to argue that Tupac is not the greatest rapper of all time,” Vlad said. “My whole thing was, oh this is my favorite rapper and here’s a story that’s unsolved, but everyone in L.A. knew this story. It was like the worst kept secret in L.A., so let’s try to put it out there and bring it out to the public.”

He added, “There’s so many conspiracy theories around it. Suge had him killed. The government had him killed. He’s in Cuba somewhere. He’s still alive. He faked his own death. A lot of them are so ridiculous that I wanted to put a piece together that had all the different angles of the same story and they’re all matching up.”

DJ Vlad (The Breakfast Club)

Along with Vlad’s Keefe D interviews becoming a vital piece in Keefe D’s recent arrest, a possible paid hit involving Tupac’s demise has also been brought back to life. During an interview conducted back in 2019, Keefe D not only detailed the infamous night in Vegas, but also accused Diddy of paying “Von Zip” $1 million dollars to murder Tupac.

After Tupac was shot in Vegas, Keefe D, in the very same 2019 VLAD TV interview, recalled being in Cali and receiving a call from Diddy himself. This is when Diddy asked the former gang leader, “Was that us?”

Appearing on The Breakfast Club, co-host DJ Envy did not shy away from asking Vlad what he thought about Diddy’s alleged $1 million dollar hit on Tupac.

“According to Keefe D he had a meeting with Puffy. And according to him, Puffy said, ‘I’ll give a million dollars to get rid of Tupac and Suge,’ because they’re putting all this pressure on me and everything else like that. These are not my words, these are Keefe’s words,” explained Vlad on The Breakfast Club.

Vlad also explained Von Zip’s possible involvement. “When you go deeper into the story. Keefe said Eric “Von Zip,” a New York guy, who was an affiliate of Puffy, was the one who gave the gun to the shooting that night. And according to Keefe, Puffy gave a million dollars to Eric “Von Zip” to then hand over to Keefe for the shooting. But according to the people involved, Eric “Von Zip” kept the money for himself,” said Vlad.

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Those who were close to “Von Zip” such as Mike Tyson and actor T.K. Kirkland appears to back up such claims when speaking of Zip’s character. “I interviewed T.K. Kirkland who was roommates with Eric “Von Zip,” very close friends. When I asked do you think this is probable, he said, ‘Knowing Eric “Von Zip,” yep, that’s probably what happened,” Vlad recalled. “Mike Tyson told me a story in our interview how he was hanging out with “Zon Zip,” and like Don King came up with a bag of money and Eric “Von Zip” essentially robbed him for the money. He was like hold up, let me hold on to this and kind of pushed Don King out the door and they just kept the money.”


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