Dru Down Recalls Faith Evans Secretly Visiting Tupac


Oakland rapper, Dru Down appeared on Smoke-A-Lot Radio where he recalled Faith Evans visiting Tupac all in disguised.

Dru Down recalls the time Tupac, Way before the All Eyez On Me album was completed, Dru Down had the honor of listening to some of the songs for Tupac’s upcoming album. Drinking champagne as they awaited Tupac’s special female guest. Shakur ensured Dru Down he wouldn’t believe who was stopping by.

Moments later there was a knock on the door and Tupac quickly ran through furniture and all to answer the door. According to Dru Down, it was a female covered in a black hoodie at the door.

Dru Down Recalls Faith Evans Secretly Visiting Tupac

“The (female) looked like a grim reaper,” the rapper recalls jokingly. “The (female) looked at me so fast and said, ‘Hey Dru Down’. And I looked and I was like who the (hell) is this?”

To Dru’s surprise it was Faith Evans, the same Faith Evans he had just seen days ago with Biggie Smalls at the Roxbury.

Although already a heated rivalry, the beef between Tupac and Biggie, became even more personal when Shakur was photographed with Biggie’s wife Faith Evans. The infamous Faith Evans and Tupac photo was just the start of Shakur’s attempt to take down the Notorious B.I.G., not just musically as he did by outselling Biggie, but also personally. Now with his new label of Death Row records Tupac would release the classic diss record Hit ‘Em Up where he claimed to have slept with Evans. Faith Evans has denied such claims till this day.

Watch Dru Down detail Faith Evans visiting Tupac at the hotel.


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