E.D.I. Mean Recalls Tupac Restraining Him Over French Fry Fight

Napoleon and host of The Outlaw show, E.D.I. Mean, reflected on the infamous french fry fights and Tupac having to restrain him.

Napoleon ‘Mutah Beale’ kicked off an all new season of “The Outlaw Show,” as he and host E.D.I. Mean reflected on the old days and maturing years later. E.D.I.’s healthier lifestyle has been part of his growth and development. “We mature when we are supposed to. I could had lost this weight back then and people use to try to tell me too,” E.D.I. said. “Ya’ll use to tell me in different ways. Like, ‘Come on man, you got them hot dogs on the back… Kadafi use to love to talk about the hot dogs on the back of my neck, like ‘E.D.I. you got another pack of hot dogs back there. Slow down, you just ate 10 tacos.'”

“I almost choked my homeboy over a french fry,” E.D.I. recalled on The Outlaw Show. “Remember Nob? Nob took my french fry and I choked him. Yeah man, I had a real problem. Everybody’s got a line you can’t cross,” E.D.I. said jokingly.”

Aside from fighting with his own Outlawz comrade, E.D.I. also had an issue with actor Jim Belushi. Tupac and Belushi were on set filming ‘Gang Related,’ and the Outlawz were right there supporting Shakur. For whatever reason, Belushi appeared to be testing the Outlawz.

Napoleon and E.D.I. Mean Recalls Tupac Restraining Him Over French Fry Fight
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According to E.D.I., Belushi decided to grab some of his fries, a big no-no. “He grabbed my french fry. ‘Pac had to grab me like, ‘Yo, E.D.I., what are you doing?’ I didn’t give a f**k if it was Jim Belushi or not. You don’t put your hands on my plate.”

The actor would then go on to unexpectedly take a bite of Young Noble’s hamburger. Noble irate, kept his composure, as he did not want to jeopardize Tupac’s opportunity. Now fully aware that Belushi might be pushing the envelope, Tupac advised the Outlawz to stand up for themselves, regardless of the fact it can cost him a role in the movie.

Back in 1997 a year after Tupac’s passing, Jim Belushi admitted to the L.A. Times that he and Shakur had gotten off to a rocky start but ended up patching things up and becoming “brothers.” Since then the actor has remembered Tupac via various Tweets. In 2019, the actor praised Tupac’s acting skills. “To me, Pac was so much more than just a rapper, he was also an amazing talent on screen,” he said. “I think he would have continued to develop his raw skills as an actor and it would have been cool to see. He really wasn’t afraid of anything. He was a friend & I think about him often.”

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In 2021, Jim Belushi also shared the following tweet, “Every time I watch the sunrise, I think of Tupac. We once watched the sunrise together after a long night. It was quiet for a second then he looked at me and said ‘I’m a thug, I prefer the sunrise.’ I really don’t know what that means, but I still live by it to this day.”


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