EDI On 2Pac Hearing His Music In Flashback Video

Interviewed by Bout Dat Online, founded in the U.K., Outlawz members EDI Mean, Young Noble, and Hussein Fatal talk about what why they started rapping.

For EDI who grew up with 2Pac, music was always his first love. “I just always loved music. This is all I wanted to do. I had no plan b or c,” EDI said during an interview with Bout Dat Online. “Luckily it worked out, Tupac heard some of my music and said, ‘You wanna learn how to do this, I’ll let you watch me’. And it has been on ever since. I owe a lot to him.”

Tupac and the Outlawz
Photo by Chi Modu

EDI would make his mainstream debut alongside Kastro, Napoleon and Yaki Kadafi as Dramacydal on 2Pac’s third studio album ‘Me Against The World’. They would be featured ironically on a song titled Outlaw, which eventually the group would be called Outlawz and include Young Noble and Hussein Fatal.

Speaking of Noble, he recalls rapping being more of a hobby at first as he would write lyrics which turned into “what it is now” as he is forever an Outlaw. The late great Hussein Fatal was a fan Hip Hop and thought he should give a shot since he wasn’t good at school or sports. “So, I thought if I knew how to do this, everybody would listen to me. And, I would get my name up and that’s what happened.”

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