Fans Debunk Nas Claims Of Introducing Tupac To Hennessy

On his recent album Magic 2, Nas says he was the one who introduced Tupac to Hennessy, but fans were quick to debunk such claims.

It has been nearly 27 years since the demise of Tupac Shakur. Despite his early exit at the age of 25, Tupac’s legacy is stronger than ever in 2023. A year that includes a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, docuseries nominated for an Emmy, an official biography and new album coming later in the year.

Over the years it is quite amazing that still till this day many who ever interacted with Tupac has continued to share at times rare untold stories about the rap icon. Nas is no different as the Queens native decided to reflect on the time he and Tupac shared early in their careers in his new album Magic 2.

According to Nas it was he who introduced Tupac to Hennessy, a drink in which Tupac referenced and called his “role model” in various songs.

“I remember I put 2Pac onto that Henny,” Nas said during the song’s interlude for track 10, ‘Pistols On Your Album Cover.’ “Howard University, Howard Homecoming, D.C. He’s like, ‘What’s this?’ He drank that shit, though, word.”

Ironically earlier this year, Nas’ close comrade G-Wiz had a similar story. Appearing on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast, Wiz recalled Tupac’s alleged first interaction with Hennessy back in 1993. Instead of Nas, it was “Thun” who passed the bottle to ‘Pac.

Whether you believe Nas or G-Wiz side of the story, die hard Tupac fans aren’t sold. In fact, fans were quick to point out Tupac’s debut album 2Pacalypse Now which was released in 1991. On the record Young Black Male, Tupac referenced Hennessy, perhaps proving that Shakur was already aware of Hennessy way before Nas’ recollection.

“F*** St. Ides, it’s an Old E thing, baby. Strictly some of that Hennessy,” said Tupac as the song came to an end.


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