Future Better Than Tupac? Lil Gnar Says Yes!

It appears we find ourselves witnessing a heated online debate ever so often when someone decides to down play the greatness that is Tupac Shakur. Rapper Lil Gnar is no different as he stated that Future is better than Tupac.

Taking it to Twitter, Lil Gnar tweeted, “future better den tupac easy.” The tweet that has now gone viral was actually posted back on January 14, 2022. Regardless of the timing, the Atlanta native is making headlines and many Tupac fans extremely upset.

Lil Gnar did not offer any explanation for his tweet, but many Twitter users came to the defense of Future and Tupac. Future supporters said Tupac never made DS2, Monster, HNDRXX or Save Me. Tupac fans argued back asking if Future could ever make a song such as ‘Changes.’ Others compared record sales which gave Tupac a huge edge over Future. Many also pointed out the fact Tupac passed away at the age of 25 and accomplish more then most rappers do with 10 plus year careers.


Some fans also suggested Lil Gnar who has 75K followers on Twitter, is trying to gain attention. Whatever the reason for Gnar’s Tweet, he isn’t the first one to make headlines using Tupac’s name. Back in 2018 Lil Xan called Tupac’s music ‘boring’ during an interview on Revolt. A statement which he instantly received backlash and even T.I. suggested Xan should be banned from Hip Hop. Lil Xan attempted to clarify his “boring” statement as he blamed the media for twisting his words. “I think Tupac is a legend,” Xan told the crowd on hand for a meet and greet.

Future Better Than Tupac? Lil Gnar Says Yes!

When it comes to Future and Tupac, this isn’t the first time the two are mentioned in the same sentence. Lil Durk appearing on VLAD TV explained why he said Future is the modern day Tupac. Durk respects Tupac’s impact on the culture, but said it was strictly his opinion. Ironically a year later Future dropped a song titled ‘2Pac’ off his 2019 release ‘Monster.’

“Got bandana ’round my head like I’m 2Pac
My lil’ brother, he ain’t scared, he got two Glocks
Put some blonde in my dreads, I went too pop
My young ni–a, he gon’ shoot you for a teardrop
Got bandana ’round my head like I’m 2Pac (Thug life)
My lil’ cousin duckin’ feds, ridin’ with two choppers
And when you’re matchin’ head to toe, they say you’re too fly
Got a bandana ’round my head like I’m 2Pac,” Future.


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