Jermaine Hopkins On The Time He Pranked 2Pac While Filming Juice

Jermaine Hopkins aka Steele from the movie Juice appeared on Hip Hop News Uncensored where he recalls the time he pranked 2Pac and had him believing he was fired from the movie.

“Was Tupac Bishop? No. Was Bishop’s attitude inside of Tupac? Yes,” Jermaine Hopkins explains. “Was there certain situations that could bring the Bishop out of Tupac? Yes.”

Hopkins along with 2Pac was part of the 1992 film Juice directed by Ernest R. Dickerson. The movie was 2Pac’s first movie as he portrayed the character Bishop.

Jermaine Hopkins On The Time He Pranked 2Pac While Filming Juice
2Pac and Jermaine Hopkins

“He walked off the set when we was doing Juice. Something had happened, he got mad, he left off the set,” Hopkins said. Shakur was known for having a temper and also felt he was untouchable in his role in the movie, as he felt it would take too much for those in charge to replace him since filming had already begun.

Well Hopkins wanted to make sure he gave 2Pac a wake up call with an innocent prank.

“When I got on the elevator,” Jermaine Hopkins recalls. “I knocked on his door. I think him and Yo-Yo and Latifah, they was all in there like nothing every happened. I’m like Pac, he’s like, ‘What’s up big Chops what’s good’. I was like, ‘Yo, bro we got a problem. We got a major problem. They said they writing you out of the script. You with this leaving (ishh)’.

According to Hopkins 2Pac was in disbelief and quickly made some phone calls. Hopkins told Shakur that no one was going to speak to him until he arrived on set. When 2Pac finally arrived he made his case as to why he should remain on the movie, with everyone asking him, ‘What are you talking about?’

2Pac realizing he had been pranked ran up to Hopkins and started jabbing him on the side of his ribs. Shortly after Hopkins learned 2Pac had lost a close friend and that was the reason why he had walked off the set.

Juice went on to sell $20.1 million in the box office with a budget of $5 million.

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