Jim Belushi’s Shouting Incident With Tupac In The Producer’s Room

Actor Jim Belushi appeared on The Ringer where he spoke about his bond with Tupac Shakur as the two filmed Gang Related.

Belushi was asked 10 questions, all of which were related to his life. The actor would also have one life line during the ’10 Questions with Kyle Brandt’ segment. Our life line here is called ‘Ask A Millennial,” host Brandt explained. “We have a real millennial standing by in another window and he will come in and offer his youthful perspective.” Question number seven, ironically, was about Tupac Shakur who Belushi worked with. A question that surprisingly needed a millennial.

Question #7: Following his release from prison in 1995, what rappers signed with Death Row Records? “Let me get Tupac out of my mind. Let me go to my life line,” Belushi said. After a few seconds deliberating with the Richie from California, the millennial, Belushi and the Cali native both went with Tupac as the final answer. Which was obviously the correct answer.

Tupac and Belushi together starred in the 1997 film Gang Related (Purchase the movie here). The film revolves around two corrupt cops who attempt to frame a homeless man for the murder of an undercover DEA agent they themselves had killed. The movie would be Tupac’s last. Along with the movie, Tupac also was featured on the soundtrack which reached double platinum status. (Purchase the soundtrack here)

Reflecting on his time with Tupac, Belushi recalled the first time he met the iconic rapper. “We had a fight. He came late to the table read. And, we into the producers room, the producer, director, me and Tupac. We was going to start talking and I jumped all over him for coming late.”

Shakur responded back and stated he could not finding a parking spot. Although Belushi had his own bad experience with the parking, he was not going to give in. “So I said, ‘Well then you leave early. I want a professional. I want a guy who comes in with a good sign. This is not a good sign. I don’t want you coming with all your buddies smoking pot. I real f–king actor’… Oh my god he got up on his feet and we were street talking real fast.”

Belushi, a Chicago native was not going to back down. Belushi told Tupac he did not feel the rapper had the commitment to do a movie such as Gang Related. “Commitment! I made bail to loop my last movie,” Tupac shouted back. Belushi burst out laughing and the two from there on were “a married couple” till the end of the movie.


“He was a joy,” Belushi said. “I’m so sad that he is gone. Not for his family and his friends. He was on the road to being one hell of an actor. He was really focused. He was really good. By the way he went to the High School of Performing Arts. This guy was a trained guy. He was a straight up pro, knew his lines, was on time.”

Watch Belushi talk more about Tupac starting at the 37:00 mark of the interview.


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