Juice Cast Members Reunite For DJ Drama’s “I’m Really Like That”

Part DJ Drama’s rollout for his new project I’m Really Like That, was recreating iconic scenes from Juice, which included past cast members.

It’s been 31 years since Tupac Shakur broke onto the movie scene with the Ernest Dickerson film, Juice. Along with Shakur’s iconic performance as Bishop, others such as Omar Epps, also took their acting careers to new heights.

The film in an instant classic and has apparently inspired many, not just in acting, but also in the music industry. “The back drop of the movie was Omar’s character being a DJ. Like you said the movie is more complex than that, but it really inspired a generation of DJ’s,” said Drama. “To be able to pay homage. You know how it is I still get those moments when I’m like I’m living my childhood dreams.”

Juice movie poster

As Drama prepared for the release of his latest album I’m Really Like That, which dropped on March 31st, the Philly native was set to create a memorable moment as he has done often in his career.

“With the Juice recreation it was about creating a moment,” DJ Drama said on The Breakfast Club. “It was just a concept I had. People who know me throughout my years I always talked about how much Juice was inspiration for me to be a DJ.”

Omar Epps and DJ Drama
Omar Epps and DJ Drama

Drama would also involved Jim Jones who has directing experience, and the Dipset rapper was instantly down, brining WillC along for the ride. Creating the moment wouldn’t be possible unless Drama was able to recruit the old casting crew. After linking with Omar Epps in New York about the idea, up next for Drama was to contact Jermaine Hopkins (Steele), Khalil Kain (Raheem) and Queen Latifah (Ruffhouse M.C.).

Luckily for Drama, he was able to lock in the old cast including Latifah when the two ran into each other at the 2023 Grammys. Two days after the event, the scene was shot in New York.

As scenes were recreated such as the auditioning scene with Queen Latifah and the record store scene featuring Chinese Kitty, Drama flipped the script while keeping the essence and impact of the original scenes. “When you said that last time, I was kind of tripping right, but now I know I’m really like that,” said Drama portraying Bishop in the infamous locker room scene.


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