Kanye West’s Biggest Hit Was Inspired By Tupac Shakur

For Kanye West, as he continues his media run interviewing on various media outlets, has referenced multiple Tupac’s lyrics from Shakur’s, iconic ‘Makaveli‘ album.

Tupac Shakur has inspired millions all over the globe. Twenty-six years later, and one of hip hop’s G.O.A.T.’s impact is quite evident and very much still alive. Kanye West, who’s voice has stirred controversy, has quoted Tupac on national television. One of those lyrics would go on to inspire West’s biggest hit single.

“We are in constant prayer. Hail Mary came to me. Not in a Catholic way, but more in a Tupac way,” West said on FOX News as he sung the hook to Hail Mary. “It’s like a Negro spiritual.” West would then reveal how ‘Hail Mary’ inspired one of his best records.

“I got a song that I made, it was like a mix a hybrid of that and Led Zeppelin. It goes, it’s like my best song,” said West as he proceeded to sing the lyrics to his 2007 hit. “Wait till I get my money right. Then you can’t tell me nothing right.” Appearing on West’s third studio album, the hit single ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing‘ went on to sell over million copies domestically.

Recently West appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored, where Ye once again mentioned Tupac. This time around Ye credited Tupac’s lyrics on ‘Against All Odds.’ “My dad called me and said the thing that the left fears about Ye, that makes me the most dangerous is that I’m rich and that’s the point. Tupac told me back in the days, you got to get your money right and then you go to war. So, I’m going to war,” Ye explained.


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