Knoc-Turn’al Talks Tupac Alive, Plus “Unreleased” Verse

Westcoast rapper Knoc-turn’al is back as he talks about Tupac being alive and releasing another before-heard Tupac verse.

Returning back to the game is Knoc-turn’al who was first introduced on Dr. Dre‘s 2001 album. The Long Beach native released his EP Knight Vizion back in October of 2022, but continues to promote the project as he appears on various podcasts.

Just as he did on Unique Access Ent. fours months ago, Knoc-turn’al appeared on Doggie Diamonds TV, where he talked about featuring Tupac Shakur on his latest EP.

“I got Tupac on the album with Crooked I,” said Knoc-turn’al claiming the Tupac verse has never been heard before. “Tupac is the first verse. I am the second verse and Crooked I bat clean up. He bat clean up very well.”

When asked to further explain how Knoc-turn’al was able to get his hands on a never-before-heard Tupac verse, the rapper suggested Shakur is still alive. “If you hear me on the song you hear me say, ‘They say the homie is gone, how is that when I seen him yesterday.’ That should say enough. It’s not illegal to kill your rap name in California,” Knoc-turn’al said.

Tupac being alive has yet to be proven, but one thing is for sure, the verse Knoc-turn’al speaks of has been indeed previously released. Featured on Wish You Would, Tupac’s verse appeared on Left Eye‘s 2001 Supernova on the song Untouchable.

“After the fire comes the rain, after the pleasure there’s pain
Even though we broke for the moment we’ll be balling again
Time to make y’all, my military be prepared for the busters similar to
B****** to scary, get to near me we rush ’em,”
Tupac on Untouchable

Stemming from an unreleased record entitled “Drunken Freestyle,” the verse also made its way to Tupac’s last posthumous release Pac’s Life in 2006 on the song Untouchable.


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