Kurupt Says Tupac And Snoop Dogg Would Have Reunited

Kurupt firmly believes if Tupac would have survived those fatal shots in Vegas, Tupac and Snoop Dogg would have worked out their differences.

Appearing on The Bootleg Kev podcast, Kurupt says Tupac’s love for Snoop Dogg would have brought them two together again. “‘Pac was our friend. And when I say our, I am speaking of the Dogg Pound. Snoopy, Daz, Kurupt, Nate Dogg. Outlawz, Thug Life, Syke and everybody were our friends,” Kurupt explained. “They would have worked it out. That’s what friends do. Tupac and Snoopy were real friends.”

Days before Tupac’s passing, he and Snoop Dogg had a fallout. But, why was Tupac mad at Snoop Dogg? During Tupac’s beef with Biggie Smalls and Bad Boy records, Snoop and Tupac attended the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards which took place in New York City.

Everything appeared to be fine as the two artists were interviewed by MTV and pictured throughout the night representing Death Row records. But, things quickly turned for the worst when the next day Snoop Dogg appeared on New York’s Hip Hop radio station Hot 97 where he was interviewed by radio personality Angie Martinez.

During the interview, Snoop was asked how he felt about Puffy and Biggie. Snoop’s stating he was “cool with them”, infuriated Tupac. Snoops reasoning for his comments were explained on the special “Untold Stories of Hip Hop”. Hosted by Angie Martinez, Snoop Dogg would further explain himself, Biggie, Puffy and Tupac were always friends before.

On the hand during the time, Tupac felt betrayed by his label mate. Tupac felt Snoop’s loyalty should have been with him and Death Row records. After completing the 1996 interview with Angie Martinez, Snoop headed back to his hotel. Snoop would get word from his uncle that Tupac was trippin’, after hearing Snoop’s interview on Hot 97.

Tupac and Snoop Dogg last interaction

Unfortunately the two artist never had a chance to work out their differences. During their plane ride back home from New York on September 6, 1996, Snoop was not allowed to have his security with him. Suge explained that Snoop’s security would have to take a regular flight home.

Snoop Dogg would receive the silent treatment throughout the five and a half flight. Snoop ended up sitting back on a seat with a blanket covering half his face. Underneath the blanket he held a fork and a knife.

According to Snoop as he explained during an interview on Sway In The Morning, once they landed, everyone went to their Rolls-Royce. It was then that Snoop asked Tupac if he was headed to Vegas to watch the Tyson fight. Tupac shaking his head in disappoint wouldn’t say a word to Snoop. This would be the last time Snoop would see Tupac alive.

Years later Snoop Dogg would have the opportunity to induct Tupac into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “I mean the s–t he was saying to me in that moment was different though. He seen me as an actor. He saw more potential in me than I saw in myself. And it’s funny because after he passed away, I started getting a lot of movie roles, and I always felt that ‘Pac was looking out for his ni–a—even after he was gone,” Snoop said during his speech at the induction ceremony.

Continuing with his belief that Snoop and Tupac would have worked things out, Kurupt further explained on The Bootleg Kev podcast, “‘Pac didn’t want to harm dogg. Tupac loved dogg. He was more disappointed than anything.”

Watch the full interview Kurupt interview below.


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