KXNG Crooked’s Produced Tupac Song Could’ve Been A Radio Hit

KXNG Crooked appeared on Bomb 1st where he detailed his experience producing for posthumous Tupac songs, one which could had been a radio hit.

Known for his lyrical skills, KXNG Crooked has also been able to add producer to his incredible resume. Back in 2001, Crooked and his Triple 7 production company were fortunate enough to work on Tupac’s posthumous album ‘Until The End Of Time.’ “We got the call and of course it was a privilege and an honor. It’s ‘Pac,” KXNG Crooked recalled. “We went somewhere and they had a bunch of masters. And they was playing different acappellas of songs that were potential candidates for a remix. So, we picked out ‘Happy Home’ and we picked out ‘Why U Turn On Me'”

KXNG Crooked's Produced Tupac Song Could've Been A Radio Hit

Both songs would make the final cut on Tupac’s 4th studio posthumous album. Contributing to the production was Jim Gettiums (Crooked’s God brother), Dareen Vegas and Crooked himself. “We just played to our strengths, but I always knew the vibe that songs needed,” Crooked explain. “I know the vibe and I am a big ‘Pac fan. So, I know the vibe it needs to be. Sometimes a produce went in there and they didn’t do the right vibe for the lyrics and I don’t like that.”

Clearly understanding production needed to be updated and adjusted to the times, along with other legal restraints, KXNG Crooked new the pressure he was dealing with. “You can still capture the same energy if you know what the f**k you’re doing. So, I was very good at that at capturing the energy and the vibe and telling them, ‘Nah, wait a minute you over playing right here my brotha. Don’t go crazy here. We need to let his voice breathe for this particular part.”

Neither song was selected as a single for the album, but KXNG Crooked is very proud of ‘Happy Home’ final outcome. “Happy Home could had been a radio hit. If you go listen to that sh*t we produced. I wrote the chorus and there’s a bridge part in there, I wrote that too. I was shooting for the stars just like ‘Pac would have. It was a great experience,” KXNG Crooked explained. Johnny J also listed as a producer for the song.

KXNG Crooked, known as Crooked I in the early 2000s, had his Death Row album ‘Say Hi To The Bad Guy‘ listed as a “coming soon” project inside the ‘Until The End of Time’ booklet.


  1. Why they turn on me was my favorite other is that album but hair home has a place in my heart I lived that when I first got my spot in, 2014 that is song I used to play happy home all the time


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