Lala Kent Reveals Shocking After Death Interaction With Tupac

Lala Kent, star of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules spoke with Jenny McCarthy as she revealed how Tupac “took over” her body.

TV personality and model, Lala Kent, admits she has an edgier “hood” side of her. A side that apparently “took over her body” when Tupac passed away in 1996. Although Kent was only 6 years old when Tupac passed, sometime during first grade of elementary school, her and Tupac connected.

It was at the age of 6 years old that Kent said her obsession with Tupac started. A proclamation made on her Twitter account back in 2018, which was later deleted. During an episode of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, Kent broke down how it all happened.

Lala Kent Reveals Shocking After Death Interaction With Tupac
Lala Kent (Bravo)

“I feel that Tupac took over my body when I went into the first grade and discovered BET. That’s when I knew something was different inside of me,” Lala Kent said when asked if she was anyone in a past life. “I’m a thug. I’m being serious.”

Weeks later, interviewed by Jenny McCarthy, Kent further explained Tupac’s takeover. “I don’t know where that comes from. I mean I am a firm believer that when Tupac died he took over my body. I know you’re laughing but I’m being for real,” Kent explained. “I recently just got ‘thug life’ tattooed on me and I feel so happy about it. It’s by my … the inside ankle on my left and it’s up and down in my handwriting, it looks like a prison stamp.”

In one of the most bizarre statements ever made involving the late rap icon, Kent also gave some insight as to how Tupac feels about his new body.

“And the thing is I’ve never been in a fight before. I am as boujee and white as they come, but I gets to clapping sometimes, pretend, you know?” Kent said on The Jenny McCarthy Show. “You know, I’m sure he is not thrilled with his new body casing, but I’m not thrilled about the temper.”

Watch the full video below.

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