Las Vegas First Responders Detail Tupac’s September 7 Shooting

Las Vegas first responders recall the infamous Tupac shooting that took place on September 7th after the Mike Tyson boxing match.

As news broke on Tuesday afternoon (July 18) involving a search warrant in connection with the Vegas shooting of Tupac Shakur, 8 News NOW Las Vegas dug into their vaults with an exclusive interview of two paramedics who attended to the rapper on September 7th.

According to reports, authorities in Nevada confirmed Tuesday (July 18) that they served a search warrant on Monday (July 17) in connection with the long-unsolved killing of rapper Tupac Shakur nearly 30 years ago. According to 8 News NOW Las Vegas, the search involved Duane “Keefe D” Davis who has spoken publicly during interviews on YouTube and his 2019 book, Compton Street Legend, about the Tupac Vegas shooting.

After witnessing multiple cop cars flying by the Vegas strip, two young paramedics decided to follow. Respectively, five years as a paramedic and only 22-years-old at the time of the Tupac shooting in Vegas, both paramedics can still recall the night vividly.

Las Vegas First Responders Detail Tupac's September

Arriving at the scene, the two paramedics were signaled by Las Vegas Metro police for assistance. This is when they were approached by Suge Knight who said, “Go help my buddy. My buddy is shot in the car.”

“Jim and I did everything that we could and gave him ample, but the general public does not know that,” recalled the former paramedic now firefighter. “There was a lot of chaos. A lot of cop cars.”

According to Jim, Suge Knight was grazed by a bullet, but did not want medical attention as his focus was on Tupac. “He wanted us to make sure that we took care of Tupac before him.”

Tupac was ushered into the ambulance along with 3 police officers and a police escort, not the typical portical, Shakur was then taken to UMC. Tupac would pass away 6 days later.

“We remember it like it was just yesterday. We’ve run thousands and thousands of calls since that call and we remember every detail like it was yesterday,” said the former first responder. “It’s sad and he had a lot going for him. I’m sure he would be making music today.”


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