Life Long Tupac Fan Was Forever Changed By AEOM Biopic

Dominic Santana, life long Tupac fan, appeared on Cuttinup Talk where he spoke about how co-starring in the ‘All Eyez On Me’ Tupac biopic changed his life.

Hailing from the East coast, Fayetteville North Carolina to be exact, Santana would eventually found himself on the West coast. For about six years, Santana’s mother moved him and his siblings to the West coast.

“I was already a life long Tupac fan,” Santana explained. “I always had a love for west coast music, as well as East coast music. But, Tupac was always my favorite. Even from when I was a kid. I listened to his music all through growing up and being an adult I still listen to him till this day.”

Life Long Tupac Fan Was Forever Changed By AOEM Biopic
Dominic Santana (Cuttinup Talk)

Santana would find himself “a little part” of Tupac’s legacy as he co-starred in the Benny Boom film, ‘All Eyez On Me.’ Before portraying the CEO of Death Row records, Suge Knight, Santana for a long time wondered when will we ever see a Tupac biopic.

When the opportunity arrived, Santana’s life was forever changed. Being a die hard Tupac fan himself, Santana knew the pressure he was under to make sure he contributed to a quality film. “It was special. Beyond money and beyond fame,” Dominic Santana explained. “That’s the other thing about doing this movie. Tupac fans are different and its such a huge iconic person, legendary. You don’t get a lot of leeway to mess it up. I was a lot of pressure to get this right.”

Released in 2017, Tupac’s biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ took about five months to film. The movie grossed at $44.9 million in the United States, but saw a huge decline in its second week with a 78% drop to $5.8 million.


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