Lil Cease Angered By Tupac Quad Studios Questions On Popular Podcast

Appearing on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion was Lil Cease who was angered when asked about the night Tupac was shot in New York.

Lil Cease was once again asked to recall the infamous night when Tupac was shot in Quad Studios. A night that marked the very first studio session for the newly signed Junior Mafia. It would also mark a night in which Tupac felt betrayed by Biggie and was forever changed.

Lil Cease passionately claims he was not thinking about anything else but to record music on the faithful night. “You think my first time getting signed to a record deal… Biggie is not thinking about robbing his best friend. One of his coolest friends in the world. When he got a record deal,” Lil cease said. “Come on dawg what we talking about.”

Lil Cease Angered By Tupac Quad Studios Questions On Popular Podcast
Lil Cease (My Expert Opinion)

Prior to the 1994 shooting, Tupac and Biggie shared a close friendship. Early on Tupac mentored Biggie Smalls and in return, Biggie showed love to Tupac every time he touched down in Brooklyn. Cease remembers those days because he was around, forming his own bond with Biggie since elementary school.

Appearing on My Expert Opinion, Lil Cease was not in the mood of setting the record straight once again. Cease stands by his recollection of the night where Tupac was robbed and shot five times. According to Cease it was always love for Tupac before that night and after. “I’ve been setting the story straight. My story doesn’t change. So, you’re gonna ask me the same question that people been asking me for 25 years. So, what do you think is gonna change?,” said Lil Cease clearly annoyed.

Nothing has changed. Last year, during an interview on VLAD TV, just as he has explained before on interviews and various documentaries, Lil Cease detailed the 1994 shooting.

Before jumping into the booth with Junior Mafia, Lil Cease and Nino went to the terrace to smoke and took a moment to soak in their new success. This is when Lil Cease spotted Tupac walking down the block. “I see the bandana. He’s always wearing the bandana and of course we been hanging with him a few times, so I know when I see him,” Lil Cease explained. After making getting Tupac’s attention, Lil Cease told Shakur to come around the corner and “ima come downstairs and get you.”

Moments later as Lil Cease and Nino were in the elevator, two gunman pressed them as the elevator hit the lobby. “I was so paranoid and nervous, I’m hitting door open,” Lil Cease recalled. “I go upstairs and I go, ‘B.I., Pac downstairs getting robbed.” As Told by Lil Cease on VLAD TV, Biggie quickly made his way downstairs to see Tupac, only to then be approached and apprehended by the police. (View: Lil Cease Denies Biggie Setting Up Tupac At Quad Studios In NY)

For Cease, 25 years later, he has no interest in speaking about the shooting anymore. Fortunate enough to be alive, Lil Cease spends time with Biggie’s kids and mother. “This how we keep that type of s*** going,” said Cease. “I feel that’s what he stood for. He stood to bring people together.”

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