Lil Cease, Outawz Working On “Outlaw Mafia” Album For Biggie, Tupac

Another clip release by VLAD TV, has Lil Cease revealing he and the Outlawz are preparing a Outlaw Mafia album in honor of Tupac and Biggie.

It has been over 25 years since the beef between Tupac and Biggie ended tragically. Since then, Outlawz members Young Noble and E.D.I. Mean have literally buried the hatchet with Junior Mafia member Lil Cease. Years ago, Noble and Cease spoke with one another where they were able to patch things up. “It started off aggressive and then we ended up talking for two hours on the phone airing sh-t out with each other,” Lil Cease recalls. “The conversation ended with Ima talk with my people to see what they think and I was like, ‘Ima talk to my people and see what they think.”

This particular story on how Noble and Lil Cease connected via a phone call was told before on VLAD TV. During an interview with Noble and E.D.I., Young Noble explained, “We was barking on each other and then I guess we got on some grown man sh-t.”

Lil Cease, Outawz Working On "Outlaw Mafia" Album For Biggie, Tupac
Hussein Fatal, Lil Cease and Young Noble

A few years later DJ Kay Slay contacted Cease and the Outlawz with plans of having the two sides “bury the hatchet.” To Kay’s surprise the Outlawz and Lil Cease were already on good terms and was ready to drop a song together for their big homie Kay Slay. Featured on Slay’s ‘Rhyme or Die’ album, Outlawz and Lil Cease delivered ‘Bury The Hatchet’ record. Part of the music video was recorded at Times Square.

Fast forward to 2022, and Lil Cease has revealed the two sides are looking to take things even further. “Hopefully we gonna try to put this Outlaw Mafia project together. A little 6 or 7 songs EP,” Lil Cease revealed. “I think the game need that, cause to see how far we came, I think the new generation needs to see that. New generation be ready to kill each other off a Instagram or Tweet. If we can overcome this, ya’ll should be able to overcome ya’ll sh-t. We lost our head leaders to our crews.”

Generation after generation keep asking
How we survived to get past it
Had to keep on mashing
It’s bigger than some peace treaty shit
Kay Slay said the rap game needs this
It’s time we bury the hatchet

Outlawz, Lil Cease “Bury The Hatchet”

No word yet which members would be involved on the ‘Outlaw Mafia’ album. The Outlawz tragically lost Hussein Fatal back in 2015 due to a car accident. Former member Napoleon, now Muslim, quit rap and Kastro (Tupac’s cousin) has been out of the industry for years now. Lil Kim who has appeared on recent shows with Lil Cease, would be interesting to see if she is willing to record with the Outlawz and vise versa. Kim was dissed heavily throughout the Tupac and Biggie feud, including the infamous ‘Hit ‘Em up’ diss record.


Lil Cease also revealed that he was suppose to be on the Outlawz ‘One Nation’ album. “They sent me a joint to get on,” Cease said. It appears the Brooklyn rapper was unable to turn in his verse for the project, as he did not make the final cut. The Outlawz released the album back in September of 2021, with their lead single featuring Xzibit.

Let us know in the comments if you would like to hear a ‘Outlaw Mafia’ album?


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