Lil Xan Explains 4 Years Later Why He Dissed Tupac

Lil Xan appeared on Steve-O’s Wild Ride! where he explained exactly why he rated Tupac a 2 out of 10 back in 2018.

When it comes to music, you do not have to like every artist, but some level of respect for their contributions to the art form should be taken into consideration. Especially with an iconic figure such as Tupac Shakur. Well, Lil Xan learned the hard way, and according to the Cali native, he is still feeling the affects till this day.

Lil Xan once called Tupac’s music “boring” during an interview with Revolt TV. Back in 2018 when Lil Xan was asked to say something about Tupac, the rapper said, “boring” and rated the hip hop legend a 2 out of 10. After receiving backlash for his comments, Lil Xan attempted to clarify his “boring” statement as he blamed the media for twisting his words. “I think Tupac is a legend,” Xan told the crowd on hand for a meet and greet.

Lil Xan Explains 4 Years Later Why He Dissed Tupac
Lil Xan (YouTube)

A year later on June 7th Lil Xan was approached by Anthony Sanchez, a die hard Tupac fan, at a gas station. Sanchez asked Xan why he was talking s–t about Tupac during his Revolt TV interview. Xan and the fan got into a heated argument with Xan pulling out a firearm on the man.

Then in 2020, Sanchez reportedly sued Lil Xan for the incident that took place at the 7-Eleven parking lot in Los Angeles. As seen in the video shared by TMZ, Sanchez was able to record the end of his disagreement with Lil Xan. In the video Sanchez is heard calling Xan the B word. Xan who walked into his vehicle, is seen flashing a gun at Sanchez and shouted, “What the (hell) you want, bruh?”

Riding in his SUV with girlfriend Annie Smith, she would come to the defensive her man Xan. Annie yelled back at Sanchez, “You started it, you dumb f—.” Sanchez went on to sue Lil Xan for assault and battery, while claiming he suffered severe emotional distress.

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Fast forward to 2022 and Lil Xan has finally explained why he dissed Tupac. The 25-year-old blames having to wake up at 5 a.m. and being cranky for his comments about Shakur. “I rated, and I don’t feel this way anymore. Tupac is a legend, but I wanted to get the interview over with. The interviewer was annoying,” Lil Xan said on Steve-O’s Wild Ride! episode 106.

According to Xan, he still feel the hate from the hip hop community and Tupac fans. “Tupac is definitely a legend and I would like to stop receiving death threats for that,” he said.



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