Mac Mall On Afeni Co-Signing Him To Live In 2Pac’s Loft

Bay Area artist Mac Mall spoke about 2Pac and calls him the best of all time.

Back in 1994, Tupac would go on to direct Mac Mall’s music video for “Ghetto Theme”. Mall is forever grateful for the opportunity of 2Pac directing his music video and also the lessons he learned along the way.

Mac Mall On Afeni Co-Signing Him To Live In 2Pac's Loft
Mac Mall (@therealmacmall)

“I never met Jesus, but I met 2Pac,” Mac Mall said during his interview with No Vultures podcast. “I saw his miracles. He did everything that I wanted to do. He went through persecutions, all the battles that every Black male go through. They threw everything at this (brother).”

Mac Mall also touched on Afeni Shakur who was influential in his life outside of the music business, such as the time she allowed him to live in 2Pac’s loft after Mac Mall had signed with Loud Records. “She went above and beyond,” Mall said. “She co-signed for me…. she put me in 2Pac’s loft when I moved into L.A.”

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