Method Man Recalls 2Pac Jumping On “Got My Mind Made Up”

Wu-Tang member Method Man appeared on Established with Angela Yee, where he spoke about 2Pac recording “Got My Mind Made Up” after his release from prison.

“That was kind of weird because Pac came home and then he jumped on that record,” Method Man explained. “When he came home n—– gave him everything they had and Pac put verses on their stuff.”

After 2Pac’s release from prison and now signed to Death Row records, Suge Knight ensured Shakur had full access to the best production the label had to offer.

“He just stayed in the studio working and that happened to be one of the joints,” Meth said. “Originally Rage was on that record.” Wu-Tang member Inspetach Deck was cut off the track as well. On the released version of the song which appeared on All Eyez On Me (Book 1), Deck is heard at the end of the track. This was intentionally done by producer Daz Dillinger.

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With that being said Method Man and 2Pac did not record the song together, but later on were able to connect. “But I actually got to met Pac, cool dude. Very brief but it was meaningful,” Method Man recalled.


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