Michael Jackson Declined A Feature On Tupac’s “Makaveli” Album

QDIII talks to BET as he reveals why Michael Jackson declined to work with Tupac on ‘The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory.’

Twenty-five years later and Tupac’s iconic ‘The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory’ continues to make headlines. BET’s extensive look into hip hop’s controversial classic has revealed that Michael Jackson could have been featured on the project.

Speaking with QDIII, who produced ‘To Live & Die In L.A.’ on the “Makaveli” album, the talented producer claims Michael Jackson was contacted for a feature. “So I set up a meeting at Neverland [Ranch],” QDIII explained. “I go up there and told Michael about it. And do you know what Michael said? He liked Biggie.”

Perhaps Michael Jackson was unaware of the sampling of his music which contributed to various Tupac songs. Songs such as “Thug Nature” and “They Don’t Give A F**k About Us.” Both which were later released on posthumous Tupac albums. Regardless, Michael Jackson declined the feature.

Michael Jackson Declined A Feature On Tupac's "Makaveli" Album

QDIII also spoke about experiencing first hand Tupac recording the ‘The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory.’ An album which only took three days to complete and another four days to mix and master. Not to mention during this week, Tupac was filming his last movie ‘Gang Related’ and various music videos.

“I would say he was manic,” QDIII told BET. “There would be moments that called for quiet voice and candles and all that and he would be screaming and smoking Newports. He was on fire with this manic push. He was always pushing. You could tell he wasn’t comfortable in some way and there was something that was making him uncomfortable.”

QDIII also had a close relationship with Tupac. At the time of his passing, Tupac was engaged to his sister, Kidada Jones. Most recently, Quincy Delight Jones III also worked on ‘Dear Mama’ the documentary led by Allen Hughes about Tupac and Afeni Shakur set to release fall of 2022. (View: Tupac and Afeni Docuseries ‘Dear Mama’ To Premiere Fall of 2022)

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