Mickey Rourke Defends Tupac Against Donald Trump, Funkmaster Flex

Actor Mickey Rourke doesn’t play around when it comes Tupac, as seen in these videos where he fires back at Donald Trump and Funkmaster Flex.

Rourke and Shakur met as the two co-starred in the 1996 film ‘Bullet.’ Released one month after Tupac’s passing, the pair got along great off-screen but cast as bitter rivals. An instant bond was formed, but according to Rourke, it could have went either way. “Tupac and I are both from the streets. We were either gonna get along or it was gonna be on,” Rourke said on the Mike Swick podcast.

Tupac and Mickey Rourke star in the  movie Bullet
Tupac (Bullet, 1996)

Unfortunately for Rourke, he was in Brazil shooting a film when received word that Tupac was shot in Vegas. Unlike the time Tupac was shot in New York, Rourke did not head over to hospital to see his good friend. “My manager called me and said, ‘Tupac got shot last night in Vegas.’ I’m like, ‘I’m coming home.’ He said, ‘No no no, he’s going to be ok.’ Next day I got a call and they said he died.”

Rourke Warns Funkmaster Flex

Since Tupac’s passing, Rourke has stood up for Shakur. Back in 2017, Funkmaster Flex received serious backlash when he publicly trashed Tupac and his music. In a video recorded by someone in attendance, Funkmaster Flex goes on a rant about hip hop’s believed icon. “I don’t f–k with Tupac! F–k ni–as sucking Tupac’s d–k,” Flex said on stage. “Make some noise if you miss f–king Biggie Smalls.”

When asked by TMZ, about Funkmaster flex’s comments, Rourke did not hold back. “Tell him to come say it to my face, since you want to talk about my brother when he’s not here,” Rourke said. “You tell any motherf–ker in the planet, you got sh-t to talk about Tupac, come look me up.”

Donald Trump Sues Tupac and Mickey Rourke

Rourke would continue defending his good friend Tupac, even during Trump’s presidency. The actor trashed Trump when speaking to toofab back in 2019. “He said some really nasty things about the two of us. And you know what it is personal,” Rourke said on the brief clip. “There’s gonna be a day when he ain’t president and we are going to bump into each other, and he’s gonna feel me.”

Mickey Rourke’s dislike for Donald Trump dates back to when he and Tupac were filming the movie ‘Bullet.’ Rourke and Tupac were staying at the Trump Plaza, where Rourke admittedly caused about $7,000 worth of damages. “This scum bag Trump sued me for $28,000, plus he put about six paragraphs of the worst negative demeaning disrespectful sh-t you could write about two people. So its personal with me.”


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