Mike Tyson Recalls When Tupac Made The Prison Go Crazy!

During a recent episode of Mike Tyson’s Hot Boxin’ podcast, the boxing legend recalled the time Tupac made the prison go crazy.

Although the times spent together weren’t many due to the fact that on separate occasions both Tupac and Tyson were incarcerated, the two still were able to form a bond. Meeting for the first time at a Brooklyn club in 1991, a year later Shakur found himself visiting Tyson in prison.

According to Tyson, Tupac had the prison going crazy. Shakur would jump on a table as he amped up the inmates, making the prison guards uncomfortable.

Tupac (House of Blues. July 4, 1996)
Tupac (House of Blues. July 4, 1996)

“When I was in prison he came to visit me and everybody started to applaud. And the guards were saying, Stop!” He was excited, talking, sweating and he got up on the table. I told him, ‘Come down from there man,'” Tyson said. “I was getting nervous. I thought they were going to kick him out. I thought they were going to kick him out when everybody started applauding. And he was just pretty wild. He was beautiful, but he was pretty wild.”

Tyson also reflected on Tupac shooting at two off duty police officers, an incident that took place Halloween night 1993, a year after Tupac visited Tyson in prison. When word got back to the prison of the shooting, the inmates were again riled up by Tupac.

“He had just came to visit me. And, then he went to Atlanta and shot two off duty police officers. Everybody in the prison went crazy. Like a riot and everybody went crazy!,” said Tyson back in 2020 on T.I.’s Expeditiously podcast, where he had also shared the story before.

Tyson, with French Montana and Angie Martinez in attendance, also revealed the number one question he is asked when traveling the world, especially in Africa.

“Every time I go to Africa they ask me, ‘What was Tupac like.?’ I’m serious. Every time I’m traveling, everybody asks me, ‘What was he like?’ I say he was awesome. He had the biggest heart in the world, but if he gets mad at you, it’s on,” explained Mike Tyson.


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