Mopreme Shakur On Who Represents Tupac In Today’s Hip Hop

Mopreme Shakur via an exclusive clip on Hip Hop XXIV’s YouTube channel, touched on artists who can perhaps represent Tupac in today’s hip hop.

Since his passing twenty plus years ago, many have tried to compare artists of the last two decades to Tupac. Most recently Fat Joe fell into that trap and instantly received backlash. Joey Crack was interviewed on BET‘s Rap City ’21 Special hosted by Big Tigger, where he declared DaBaby the Tupac of 2021.

Host Big Tigger asked who is the 2021 of Tupac to which Joe replied, “I should know the Tupac one. I don’t know, it’s hard to be these guys. You be asking some crazy stuff. I would say DaBaby,” Fat Joe said. DaBaby co-signed the comparison as he shared the clip on his official Instagram account. “Agreed.📌but they gone salt that down too Crack🤫,” DaBaby wrote in the video caption.

Fat Joe would later explain his answer via a tweet, “No ones 2pac there’s only one but i was asked the question and da baby a super real one he lives what he raps about.” (Watch Fat Joe declare DaBaby the Tupac of 2021)

Fat Joe Names DaBaby "Tupac Of 2021"

Mopreme Shakur, brother of Tupac Shakur, doesn’t think anyone has matched his brother’s energy even if they show glimpse of his lyrical content. “There’s a few brothers that try to be on message like Pac. They try to do the best they can to stay on message, but it is hard to match Tupac’s energy,” Mopreme explained. “Even though their music may resemble, but there is a whole lot to the Tupac experience.

North Carolina’s J. Cole got a nod from Mopreme Shakur for his lyrical substance. “J. Cole, Kendrick. These brothers try to be on some solid sh-t. Ima big Black Thought – you know is one of the most underrated MC’s in the game, but he still ain’t Pac.”


  1. Tupac is my FAVORITE,next to him…It’ll be SADA BABY!!!No comparison just the Besssssst!!!!!!!

  2. KENDRICK LAMAR!!! is probably about the only one in the game that can fill PAC’S shoes on a poetic, intellectual, ME AGAINST THE WORLD mentality!!! / Then you have a newer generation of who can you trust street thug vibe from NBA YOUNGBOY as far as being hurt in life by people you thought you could trust!!!


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