Mutah Responds As 2Pac Fan Boosie Wants Verse By The Former Outlaw

Boosie Badazz, a huge Tupac fan, recently spoke with VLAD TV, as he discussed his desire to record music with the Outlawz and their former member Mutah Beale.

VLAD, who has done the most Tupac related interviews, has a frequent viewer in Boosie Badazz. “When I watch your interviews, all I watch is Tupac interviews. That’s all I really watch is me and Tupac interviews.” Boosie a huge fan of Tupac himself, stated he would love to meet the Outlawz to hear “some Tupac stories.”

In fact, according to Boosie, he is also a huge fan of Napoleon. “I love listening to Napoleon,” Boosie said during the 4 minute clip. After hearing from Vlad that Napoleon is no longer rapping due to his religious beliefs, Boosie wished he could have gotten a verse from the former Outlawz member.

Mutah 'Napoleon' Beale
Mutah ‘Napoleon’ Beale

Napoleon would respond back via Instagram as he captioned the video clip, “Real recognize real! @vladtv tell Boosie I can’t give ‘em any verses, but he can come visit me in #SaudiArabia 🇸🇦 😂 and thanks for the kind words Vlad, I wouldn’t say that I’m a righteous person, but I’am striving to be a better #muslim God willing 🤲🏽.”

Vlad would then go on to promise Boosie Badazz a possible verse with the Outlawz. Vlad who has a close friendship with Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean, said he would give the Outlawz a call for a potential Boosie Outlawz collaboration.

Boosie also touched on rappers being compared to Tupac, stating no one comes close. “All of them might have a quality of Tupac, but I don’t like comparing people to Tupac as a Tupac fan,” Boosie explained. “Cause I don’t want to come back on my future interviews and they be like I said DaBaby was better than Tupac. Or Young Boy was better than Tupac or 50 Cent was better than Tupac. I put Tupac on a certain level. All them is greatness, but I ain’t comparing no one to Pac.”


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