Napoleon’s Shocking Never Told Story About Suge Knight, Tupac

In an exclusive interview with Bomb1st, Napoleon reflected on the time he stepped to Suge Knight and Tupac going crazy on him.

Known for his wild ways during his time riding with Tupac and the Outlawz, there wasn’t any situation that had Napoleon backing down. Including an incident involving Suge Knight. Although the former CEO of Death Row records had respect for Napoleon, to the point he labeled the former Outlawz member Baby Suge, this particular incident could have ended bad.

According to Napoleon the incident took place during the time Tupac would appear on New York’s Saturday Night Live. Performing “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” while forgetting most of the his own lyrics as he appeared drunk, Tupac hit the stage with Danny B and Big Syke.

Napoleon's Shocking Never Told Story About Suge Knight, Tupac

“Suge took one of my homies in a room and he was mad at something he said,” Napoleon recalls. “I went in there and I remember pushing Suge’s hand, because he was point at one of my homies. And, when I pushed his hand then ‘Pac got made at me.”

“‘Pac was always about that loyalty,” Napoleon explained. Tupac expected the former Outlaw to side with Suge Knight as he told Napoleon to “bomb” on his homie for disrespecting Suge Knight. “These was dudes that I came from the sandbox with, that I grew up with. So, I’m like I ain’t about to bomb on my homies,” Napoleon said.

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Napoleon stated it was Stormey, female rapper of the Outlaw Immortalz, who had told Knight about Naploeon’s homie saying something about Knight’s cigar smoke. Despite security standing in front of the door, Napoleon pushed through and was able to save his friend.

Perhaps it was Napoleon also saving Suge Knight that evening. According to Napoleon his friend’s uncle aka “The Reaper,” was pacing back-n-forth outside the room, ready to intervene at any give moment. Luckily Napoleon was able to diffuse the situation and his friend was let out the room just in time.


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