NBA YoungBoy The New Tupac? Veteran Rapper Chimes In

In a recent interview with YouTube channel MONTREALITY, The Game gave his thoughts on the young generation comparing NBA YoungBoy to Tupac Shakur.

Coming off his Drillmatic: Heart over Mind release, The Game has been on a media run promoting his tenth studio project and talking just about anything. One of those topics on hand was the comparison of NBA Young Boy with the late great Tupac Shakur.

The 22-year old Baton Rouge rapper has an enormous fanbase that continues to grow despite his legal woes and his non-existent presence on huge platforms such as YouTube, by choice. “NBA YoungBoy would be Tupac of this generation,” the Drillmatic artist said. “So sometimes when you see a 18-year old kid say ‘NBA YoungBoy is better than Tupac,’ it’s not because he actually is. It’s just the Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron thing. It’s different eras of greatness.”

NBA YoungBoy The New Tupac? Veteran Rapper Chimes In
NBA YoungBoy (YouTube)

YoungBoy’s last three studio albums have all hit the top 2 spots of the Billboard 200 and is no stranger of going platinum. There is no question he has left a mark on today’s youth, but The Game still suggests that fans should “just appreciate [the greats] now.

“A 18-year old can not appreciate or relate to Tupac, because they weren’t even alive. Tupac has been dead for 26 years. An 18-year old kid wasn’t born for six years after he died, so why expect him to relate to Tupac over NBA YoungBoy? Somebody that’s just a few years older than him, who he listens to everyday.”

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