NLE Choppa On Shade Room Teens Talks MJ, Tupac Comparison

During a recent interview on The Shade Room Teens, NLE Choppa further explained why fans compared him to Tupac and Michael Jackson.

NLE Choppa took some time to better himself as a person as he went through many changes in his life. Now with two new singles under his belt for 2023, NLE Choppa is focusing on what he calls the year he has been waiting for.

While diving into what’s ahead for the new year, Choppa also reflected and explained a comment he made going into 2022. Speaking with Power 106, Choppa stated he was focusing on delivering deeper music with more of a purpose. This formula has apparently the rapper being compared to Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur, by Choppa’s fans.

NLE Choppa

“I don’t know, I feel like I get a lot of Michael Jackson ’cause of the type of energy I bring,” he said. “Somebody even said I look like him, [but] I don’t know about that. … And I get 2Pac, too, because of what I stand for, what type of principles I stand for outside of music. With me, it’s not about the music all the time, it’s about who I can impact. Whose life I can change.

After receiving backlash for his comments, Choppa took to Twitter to provide clarification. “These comparisons got nothing to do with me MUSICALLY,” tweeted the Tennessee native. “Everything to do with what I stand for outside of it. I’m prolific. I stand for some that can change the world.” (View: NLE Choppa Claims Fans Compare Him To Tupac And Michael Jackson)

Providing a deeper explanation as to why he is compared to MJ and Tupac, Choppa recently spoke with The Shade Room Teens.

“It’s not so much a music thing, but more so a purpose thing. Musically it’s not something that I look at as far as just the music route, because I’m a person of art,” explained Choppa around the 7 minute mark of the interview. “I like and respect everyone’s art. I can never say my art is like this person or better than this person, cause it’s just art. It’s the way you express yourself.”

“But, purpose is what is bigger than anything. That’s what I love and that’s what I love to resonate with. I feel like when people put that purpose first, you move as far as the testimony instead of like a regular person. So, that’s where it kind of came from, cause I just move as a testimony like those guys did,” he added.

NLE Choppa has been very vocal about Tupac being his favorite artist. The 20-year-old has paid tribute to the rap icon in the past by recreating Shakur’s popular music videos and sporting his throwback clothing linking with Karl Kani. (View: NLE Choppa’s 2Pac Tribute With “Picture Me Grapin”) The rapper also once stated he was Tupac reincarnated.

“I feel like I’m Tupac in my past life. I’m uncomfortable in elevators. I feel whatever you really scared of… is how you went out in your life, before your life you’re in,” explained NLE Choppa on VLADTV. “Every time I get in an elevator it’s this crazy paranoia. It be weird.” (View: NLE Choppa Really Believes He Is Tupac Reincarnated)


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