NLE Choppa Share’s Tupac Shakur Inspired Tattoo

Memphis native NLE Choppa talks about how he was inspired by the west coast and particularly Tupac Shakur.

Appearing on Revolt’s “Off Top” on YouTube, NLE Choppa explained how he became a huge fan of the late Tupac Shakur. “It’s really because of my pops, he was listening to a lot of Tupac,” Choppa explained. “Tupac was a big influence on me. I got him tatted right here. So I use to bump a lot of ‘Pac.”

NLE Choppa’s admiration for Tupac was on full display earlier this year. Back in January Choppa released “Picture Me Grappin” which sampled Tupac’s “Picture Me Rollin.”

Along with the single was the video directed by NLE Choppa for “Picture Me Grapin” emulating some of 2Pac’s classic music videos and moments such as; “Hit ‘Em Up”, “I Get Around” and the infamous moment where Shakur spit at news cameras. (Watch: NLE CHOPPA’S 2PAC TRIBUTE WITH “PICTURE ME GRAPIN”)

The tribute video comes days after Choppa linked up with Karl Kani for a 1993 vintage throwback look. NLE Choppa took to his social media accounts late Monday night (January 18), where the “Shotta Flow” artist shared photos of himself imitating similar poses as Tupac did back in 1993.

NLE Choppa also spoke about how having his daughter changed him, going vegan, and starting his line of healing herbs. Watch the full interview below.


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