Nuttso Recalls Last Conversation With Tupac Before Vegas Trip

Appearing for an exclusive interview with Tupac Uncensored YouTube channel, Nuttso revealed the last time he spoke to Tupac Shakur before the Vegas trip.

Early on his career Nuttso had the honor of recording classic music with Tupac Shakur. Songs that included ‘Words To My First Born’ and ‘Ghetto Star.’ In fact after Tupac’s passing, ‘Ghetto Star’ would appear on the posthumous release ‘Better Dayz.’ As confirmed in the interview, unlike many of Tupac’s unreleased recordings, ‘Ghetto Star’ was released exactly how Tupac and Nuttso recorded the song.

As recalled by Nuttso, he never thought Tupac would die. According to the Bay area artist, he was suppose to link up with Tupac in Vegas. On September 7th 1996, Tupac attended the Mike Tyson verses Bruce Seldon boxing match at the MGM Grand. After the fight, Tupac was scheduled to perform at Suge Knight’s Club 662, a benefit for a retired boxer put on by Suge. Tupac would never make it to the club, as he was shot in a drive by shooting on the way to the club, and passed away six days later.


“I was suppose to go to Vegas that night and I missed my flight. So, I was gonna head out in the morning. That night Pac called me and was like, ‘You coming out?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah I’m coming out,'” Nuttso recalls. “Missed my flight and woke up the next morning to a phone call.” From that moment on, the calls kept pouring in. From many wondering if it was true Tupac was shot, to those who confirmed the news was true.

Watch the full Nuttso interview below where he also talks about being initiated as an Outlaw, why he wasn’t on the Outlawz ‘One Nation’ album, unreleased collaboration album with Hussein Fatal and more.


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