Omerettà Talks Her Love For Tupac In Exclusive Interview

Atlanta’s rising star, Omerettà, recently spoke exclusively to HotNewHipHop, where she revealed her love for Tupac Shakur.

Asides from her hard-hitting freestyles, role in the 10th season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, is more than just an Instagram rapper. The artist’s “Sorry Not Sorry” has become a huge success as she showcased her hometown pride.

Many have influenced the 25-year-old, but one particular artist goes unmentioned, unintentionally. When asked by HotNewHipHop, which other artist has influenced the younger rapper, Omerettà said Tupac.

Omerettà Talks Her Love For Tupac In Exclusive Interview
Tupac (Keep Ya Head Up music video)

“We grew up listening to Tupac in my house. It’s crazy because I rarely mention him in my interviews because I feel like that’s such a cliché thing to do. Everybody wants to mention Pac. But literally in my house, we grew up listening, like everybody in my family loved Tupac,” she said.


“That’s the artist that brings my whole family together. When he plays, we all know and sing all the songs. Everybody loves Pac. Plus he’s a Gemini, and I’m a Gemini,” Omerettà explained. “I used to think I was him reincarnated. But once I found out that he died in September and I was born in June, I was like, okay, I was born before he died. So I guess not.”

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