Polo G Calls Tupac The G.O.A.T., Talks Love For His Music

Polo G appears on Up Close And Personal with John Ochoa where he spoke about Tupac Shakur’s influence and love for his music.

When asked who is Hip Hop’s greatest of all time, Polo G selected two of his favorite artists. Lil Wayne and Tupac Shakur. “To me arguably Tupac that’s considering that he was before his time and he is the inspiration to a lot of great minds today,” said Polo G.

Back in May of 2020 Polo G released the Tupac inspired single “Wishing For A Hero”. Sampling Shakur’s ‘Changes’ and Bruce Hornsby’s ‘The Way It Is’.

Featured on his sophomore album ‘The Goat’, Polo G latest single ‘Wishing For A Hero’ utters similar painful topics still faced till this day, as it was addressed by Tupac Shakur on the hit single ‘Changes’ in 1998.

“The government cuttin’ checks, but can’t cut a n—- some slack / It’s hard to get a job, so we hustle and flip a pack / It’s all a set-up, no wonder why they call this b—- a trap / Life was messed up, a matter of time ’til that n—- snap / Post-traumatic stress, so them triggers keep gettin’ tapped / R.I.P. Malcolm, I promise to conquer and fill them gaps / Them corners leave a nigga boxed in, tryna break free / Crazy how I love the same block that tried to break me,” raps the Columbia artist.

Similar to Shakur, the Chicago native’s artistic style portraying such pain throughout his music has resulted in a successful album with ‘The Goat’. Earning a top 10 spot on Hot 100, and easily becoming his highest-charting project to date.

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  1. Damn straight ‘Pac’s the GOAT! No one did, does or will ever come close to ‘Pac, he’s a once in a lifetime talent.


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